Various Tall-Globe Lanterns

There were other manufacturers of tall globe lanterns besides Adams & Westlake, Armspear, Dietz, Handlan Buck, and Star Headlight. Some examples from these manufacturers are shown on this page. 

Above Left: C.T. Ham #39 tall globe lantern marked "Erie R.R." with a twist off fount and a clear etched globe. A unique feature of this C.T. Ham design was the formation of the verticals from parallel round wires, seen in the photo. Above Right: Dressel tall globe lantern marked "D.L.&.W. R.R." (Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad) with a red unmarked globe and insert fount. From observation, it seems that Dressel did not play a major role in the tall globe lantern market. Rather, the company appeared to focus more on lamps such as marker lamps. In this market Dressel was a major player. However, it does appear that Dressel at one point marketed lanterns of the C.T. Ham "double wire" design under the Dressel name. Presumably these were made by the C.T. Ham company under subcontract.
Above Left: E.T. Wright tall-globe lantern marked "C.P.R." (Canadian Pacific Railway) with a clear cast globe.  E.T. Wright was a Canadian manufacturer located in Hamilton, Ontario. This particular lantern has a "bullseye" lense mounted on the side (barely visible on the right) to focus light on a specific target.   Above Right: Keystone "Casey" lantern marked "P. R.R." (Pennsylvania Railroad) with a red cast globe.  The Casey had a unique mechanism whereby a knob on the bottom (see above) was turned to raise or lower the wick.
Above Left: A tall-globe lantern made by the Roberts Safety Lantern Manufacturing Company and marked "D.L.& W. R.R. for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. Only a few railroad markings are known to exist on this lantern model. Photo courtesy of Doug McIntyre. Above Right: An odd tall-globe lantern made by the V&N Lantern Company. Photo by Julia & Mike. Barrett says that this company likely had another manufacturer produce its lanterns under contract. We don't believe that this lantern model was ever marked for a railroad.
Above Left:  A modern Coleman lamp embossed "CPR" for Canadian Pacific Railway. Photo by Carol Rascoe. Above Right: A brass top lantern from the late 1800's made by Kelly with a "PRR" (Pennsylvania Railroad) cast globe. Photo by Gary Moser. Click on the image for a larger version.