Star Tall-Globe Lanterns

he Star Headlight and Lantern Company began operations in 1889 and continues in business to the present. Company ownership has remained in the same family for this entire period. Of all the historical railroad lantern manufacturers, Star Headlight and Lantern is the only one that continues to make hand lanterns for general railroad use. In fact, the company has a website where their latest lantern model, the "Starlite 292" can be seen.

Based on reference photographs and observations at collectors' shows, it seems that Star Headlight made only a few basic tall-globe lantern styles. The examples shown below all follow the same general design -- the most common style seen. Note that all have the same basic smoke dome and curved, round-wire verticals although each one has some major variation in the base. Each also has the railroad marking stamped in unusually big letters on the lid -- apparently a Star Headlight characteristic -- and each railroad marking omits periods between the letters.

Above Left: Star Headlight & Lantern tall-globe wire-bottom lantern marked "P&LE RR" (Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad) with a red cast globe and a twist-off fount. Above Right: Star Headlight & Lantern tall-globe wire-bottom lantern marked "WM RR Co" (Western Maryland Railroad Company) with a clear etched globe and an insert fount.  

Left: Star Headlight & Lantern tall-globe bellbottom lantern marked "P R Co" (Pittsburgh Railways Company) with a clear unmarked globe.  The bellbottom base is not removable, and the fount is inserted from above.

Notes: Information source is Barrett.