Lantern & Globe Surveys

In the 1980's, Key, Lock and Lantern -- a railroadiana collectors organization -- undertook a series of surveys to document known markings on railroad lanterns and globes. Members were surveyed about their collections through forms printed in the organization's magazine, and members' responses were supplemented with reliable auction and dealer listings. Much of this work was done by Ken Andrews. The results of these surveys were published over a number of years in the magazine, with different lists devoted to specific lantern-frame types and globe sizes. As a service to collectors, this material is being republished here, with new markings or correction added as they have become known. Special thanks to Ken Andrews for his original work and for permission to republish it here.

Lantern Frames
Lantern Globes
Adams & Westlake "Reliable" Lanterns 3 1/4" Marked Globes
Adams & Westlake Short-Globe Lanterns 4 1/4" Marked Globes
Adams & Westlake "The Adams" Lanterns 4 1/2" Marked Globes
Armspear Lanterns 5 3/8" Marked Globes
Brady Lanterns 6" Marked Globes
Dietz "#6" Lanterns  
Dietz "Vesta" Lanterns  
Dressel Short-Globe Lanterns  
Keystone "Casey" Lanterns  
Star Headlight & Lantern