This website is non-profit and all-volunteer run. Information on fakes and reproductions posted on this website comes with no guarantees or warranties. It is advisory only. Use at your own risk. We do not judge the authenticity of any particular item. Please do not ask.

Some points:

  • We post as much detailed information as is provided by collectors who are known in the hobby to have experience and knowledge in particular areas of collecting. We believe the information is reliable and accurate, but sometimes this is an editorial "judgment call".
  • Our Comments about Fakes and Fake Alerts page represents the opinions and knowledge of other collectors and not necessarily those involved in this website. This information is not guaranteed to be accurate; we just post it in good faith.
  • Publishing information on fakes carries some amount of risk.  On the one hand, making accurate information widely available has obvious benefits to the hobby.  On the other hand, spreading inaccurate (or just plain wrong) information can cause damage by devaluing legitimate items or harming reputations. It's a balance.
  • While some fakes are obvious and even documented, others are a matter or opinion or judgment. Nothing generates controversy in the hobby like questions about authenticity, and even experts have argued over whether a given item is real or fake.